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Drum Type shot blasting machine is ideal for metal sheet stamping parts and delivered to Sweden

Drum Type Shot Blast Machine are used for treatment of smaller work-pieces with single pieces up to 25 Kg.

Drum Type Shot Blast Machine With Automatic Loading System are made of an endless rubber belt conveyor, with high resistance to wear. The work-pieces tumble on the endless rubber belt whilst blasted by the wheel or wheels positioned on the roof of the machine.

The machine can be equipped with special devices to achieve a better finish (frequency converter for belt and wheels, PLC, flap and unloading belt, etc.) avoiding damaged to work-pieces.

The load can be made manually or automatically with hydraulic skip loaders.


Machine working Principle

At the loading position, the workpiece to be cleaned is added into the drum by the laoder or manually. The drum rotates and rotates with the tilting device to the blasting cleaning position. The projectile gate is opened, and the projectile blasting device fixed on the chamber body begins to blast and carry out cleaning work.After the completion of shot blasting, the tilting device rotates to the unloading position, and a small amount of remaining projectiles in the workpiece and the roller fall into the vibration conveyor together, and the screened projectiles are sent back to the bottom of the chamber body for the next cycle.After unloading, the tilting device rotates to the loading position, and then to the cleaning position, and enters the next working cycle.

The projectile thrown by the shot blasting machine strikes the surface of the workpiece, and the surface oxide is cleaned off by sticky sand.The mixture of the impurities and projectiles dropped into the chute at the lower part of the chamber is recycled by the bottom screw conveyor and sent to the bottom of the elevator. The projectiles are sent to the separator through the hoist hopper for separation. After separation, the useful projectiles fall into the storage hopper for use by the projectiles.


It is a typical machine suitable for tumbling work pieces.Work pieces treated through shot blasting machines are the following:

1. Aluminum die-castings and its alloys (automotive, furnishing, lighting, telecommunications, electric tools fields, etc.)Screws, bolts, in preparation for next galvanizing treatment

2. Various mechanical components

3. Brass and steel hot pressing

4. Moulding materials (thermosetting)

Here with some pictures of metal sheet stamping parts before shot blasting and after shot blasting process.


Before shot blasting



After Shot blasting