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What We Do Series---Continuous Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine

This is a giant and long catenary through shot blasting machine in our client's workshop. It consists of the work piece inlet & outlet chamber and the blasting chamber with 16pcs high-quality casted blast wheels placed at two sides of the blasting chamber. Our specially-designed wet Venturi dust collector was installed to have high efficiency of dedusting. The length of the hanging chain and the number of the hangers can be customized according to customer's workpiece productivity and efficiency requirements.

Usually, continuous hanging chain shot blasting machine needs a pit to have the lower part of the machine installed in the pit to save room but this will be done according to the local government policy of building a workshop.


This is a overlook angle of view of the shot blasting machine.


Our Advantages:

1.    Ultimately compact design and constant & continuous blasting process with high efficiency, saving abrasives with reliable performance of cleaning and dedusting.

2.    Workable integration into existing production line and joint work with painting line.

3.    Single-strand closed-loop transport system. Work pieces go into the chamber for blasting process at constant speed and frequency. Flexible way and continuous blasting is time & cost effective and this is the best solution to have joint work of transporting and blasting and to be integrated with painting/oil injection line perfectly.

4.    Specially-designed Mayflay high-performance casted blasting wheel or high-end fully-CNC-machined blasting wheel for options. Each of the blasting wheel can provide accurate and effective blasting result for different work pieces with extremely long lifespan and easy maintenance.



This is a side view of the shot blasting machine.


5.    Blasting sealing: an unique special multi-layer sealing system is developed and installed. It combines with brush seals and rubber segments to keep the machine nearly 100% tight when the hooks and cross bar are adapted to the sealing system and it prevents accidents of shot spillage.

6.    Blasting machine body: 6mm-10mm thickness steel plates welled welded in one piece and 10mm Manganese 13 steel protective boards, offering excellent wear resistance.

7.    Magnetic separator is available for powerful sand separating.

8.    Semi-automatic flow valves: control the flow amount of the shots into the blast wheels with manual operation of adjusting the shots flow.

9.    Programmable Logic Control & smart communication UI touch screen for safe operation, easy maintenance. 7-10 Inch color touch screen for the control of the machine. It adopts 3D guiding technology UI.