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What We Do Series---Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

Economic style solution with powerful capacity of cleaning thoroughly every side of work pieces that are suitable for tumbling. It is an ideal option for blasting and cleaning work pieces in batches to have optimum blasting results on small delicate metallic parts, heavy castings, partially covered with sand or scale. 

Work pieces are loaded into the blasting chamber manually or automatically with loading & unloading system. In the process of blasting, work pieces are continuously cascading and tumbling over each other, resulting in all-around blasting coverage with high efficiency. Work pieces touch and contact each other during the tumbling make it even easier for blasting process.

Automatic loading and unloading system makes Mayflay tumble belt shot blasting machine a typical & optimized choice to have reliable quality, extremely long lifespan, high efficiency of blasting and save cost of labor.


Our Advantages:


#More options of configuration

Option for customization of high-quality perforated rubber belt or hardened steel belt. Design with diversity for perfectly handling different kinds of work pieces, such as sand cleaning of forgings, oxidation layer cleaning and surface cleaning of work pieces with heat treatment.

Option to have automatic loading and unloading system that provides constant, stable blasting results with high performance.

Option to get magnetic separator for work pieces like sand castings.


#High efficiency of shot blasting & flexibility of integration

Work pieces roll and tumble together in the roller belt to have every side and part of surfaces thoroughly blasted with our specially-designed blasting wheel. This tumble belt blasting machine can be easily integrated into complete manufacturing lines with fully automatic operation.



#Excellent quality building

Blasting machine body: 6mm thickness Manganese 13 steel plates welled welded in one piece and Manganese 13 steel protective boards, offering excellent wear resistance and protection from even the most aggressive blast media. This guarantees a long equipment life with a high uptime and low maintenance cost.



#Easy control, easy operation, easy maintenance

PLC control, all process parameters of work pieces blasting can be configured and saved in PLC control unit, in the result that repeat input, repeat pushing different buttons are completely unnecessary. This means, much shorter time of parameter configuration, much less working hours of operator and high efficiency. 

Maintenance and examination windows are set on each core working parts of this machine for easy maintenance.


#Environment friendly

Mayflay has been focusing on protection of environment, noise and dust emission are the most important aspects we care about. We adopt high-end methods to reduce noise to 85DB and dust emission concentration to less than 50mg/m3 (these results can be even better with higher standard of configurations).


Range of Applications

Mayflay tumble belt shot blasting machine can handle work piece at weight from 1KG to 500KG with different models and the maximum weight can be even higher. It works perfectly in all fields of surface cleaning, rust removal, oxidation layer removal and surface strengthening for small forgings, castings, stamping parts, gears, springs etc., especially for work pieces that are suitable for tumbling with each other.