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Introduction of decoiler!Decoiler company

  Introduction of decoiler

  Uncoiler is a device for longitudinal slitting of wide-rolled materials. Therefore, this term is used in various industries, and we can understand it from the scope of use.

Introduction of decoiler!Decoiler company(图1)

  1. Used for slitting paper category: This is also the mainstream product in the current packaging equipment, which is often seen in the packaging market.

  2. Used for slitting metal coils: such as slit strip steel, stainless steel, copper... It is mainly used for steel processing factories (steel market operators, rolling mills, electrical appliances, automobiles, stamping parts, etc.) 3. Use It is used in the industries demanded by slitting leather, cloth, plastic, film, etc.

  Uncoiling machine structure: equipment composed of uncoiling (unwinding), leading positioning, slitting and slitting, coiling (rewinding), etc. Its main function is to cut a wide roll of material into a narrow coil of a certain size in the length direction, preparing for other processing procedures in the future.

  Advantages of decoiler: reasonable layout, convenient operation, high degree of automation, high production efficiency, high working accuracy, and can process various cold-rolled, hot-rolled coils, silicon steel plates, stainless steel plates, color plates, aluminum plates, and electroplating or painting All kinds of metal sheets after the production.

  Application of decoiler: Widely used in metal sheet processing industries such as automobiles, agricultural vehicles, containers, home appliances, packaging, and building materials.