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Precautions for Building a Sandblasting Room

  When building a blasting room, attention should be paid to the process of the blasting room. The construction of the sandblasting room must solve the problems of dust control and abrasive recycling at the same time. The following are the precautions for building the sandblasting room.

Precautions for Building a Sandblasting Room(图1)

  First,the maximum size of the workpiece must be planned. If the blasting room is too small, it is not conducive to the operation of large workpieces. If the blasting room is too large, the investment in dust removal equipment, recycling equipment and civil engineering will increase, which will cause unnecessary waste of investment.

  Second,the output must be planned, the output is large, and the tasks of the workers are full, it is necessary to build automatic recycling equipment for the whole room to improve efficiency. If the output is normal and the tasks are not balanced, it is recommended to do partial automatic recovery and manual auxiliary recovery to save equipment and civil construction investment.

  Third,due to process requirements, some products must use glass sand, white corundum and quartz sand. It is recommended that the sandblasting room be constructed by mechanical recycling. If steel grit or steel shot is used, honeycomb pneumatic recovery is recommended.

  Sandblasting Room

  Sandblasting Room is ideal for the large-scale structures, widely used in blasting of hulls, stoves,boilers and wind power parts, etc.Large structures can move inside the Blast Room on work cars sliding on rails. Mainly composed with the main body of Blasting Room, Workpiece Transportation System,Sandblasting System, Abrasive recovery system, ,Dust Collecting System, Central Control System and lighting system.

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  Sandblasting room has its other names as shot blasting room & sand hitting room. It is usually suitable for huge work piece in surface cleaning, de-rusting and enhancing the adhesive of painting layer. Sand blasting room has two types of shots recycling: automatic recycling system & semi-automatic recycling system. Operator does the blasting work in the blasting room, with protection suit and helmet to protect himself and fresh air from the ventilation device through the helmet.

  Sand blasting room consists of light steel structure blasting room with protective rubber inside, sand blasting system, mechanical or manual shots recycling system, dedusting system and lighting system, and it is mainly designed for huge castings and steel structural work pieces’ surface cleaning.


  Sand blasting room main compositions

  Sand blasting chamber

  Abrasive Storage Hopper


  Bucket elevator

  Screw conveyor



  Abrasive recycling system

  Lighting system

  Dust Collector

  Steel grating

  Trolley system

  Electric control system


Sandblasting Room(图1)


  High-efficiency sand recycling system

  Automatic recycling system is recommended for high-efficiency abrasives usage and short time of shots recovery. Shots are gathered to the screw conveyor below the blasting room and pushed to the elevator automatically for recycle usage to save cost and time of shots transporting.

  Compatible semi-automatic recycling system

  When digging a deep pit below the blasting room is not allowed, the semi-automatic recycling system is recommended for the compatibility of recycling shots. Shots are collected manually and transported to the bottom of the elevator for recycling or a short screw conveyor can be equipped before the elevator and shots are manually loaded into the screw conveyor for transporting to the elevator for recycling.

  High quality & durability

  The blasting room is built with color-coated steel sandwich boards in a steady and sturdy light-steel structure. Hard-wearing rubber protective boards are attached onto the inside wall of the room in the purpose of protecting the room walls from being damaged by the sand blasting.

  Customizable room configurations

  Both blasting gun number and room size are customizable according to specific work piece parameters and production capacity.

  More option of high automation

  Mechanical arm is available to be equipped into the blasting system to realize automatic sand blasting and greatly reduce time of manual operation.

  Easy to operate and maintain

  Windows are set on the sandblasting chamber for convenient maintenance and examination.

  Environmental Protection

  we have adopted advanced methods to reduce noise to 85DB and dust emission concentration to less than 50mg/m3 (stricter requirements needs higher standard configuration)

  Main System

  Sandblasting room

  a.The blasting room is built with color-coated steel sandwich boards in a steady and sturdy light-steel structure. Hard-wearing rubber protective boards are attached onto the inside wall of the room in the purpose of protecting the room walls from being damaged by the sand blasting.

  b.SandBlast Room are designed and fabricated according to the size requested by the customer.

  c.They may have one or two main doors for material access. The structure of the room may consist either of steel walls or color sandwich panels with polyurethane insulation.

  d.The internal walls are lined with wear-proof rubber. The floor is made of steel grating which cover the automatic recovery system for abrasives. The material handling can be done by trolleys or by overhead crane.



  Portable Pressure Pot Sandblaster

  a.Portable Pressure Pot Sandblaster is powered with compressed air, the abrasive media is accelerated to 50-60m / s impact to the workpieces’ surface, it is a non-contact, less non-polluting method of surface treatment.

  b.Portable Pressure Pot Sandblaster

  c.The system is installed with 1-2 pcs peach-style pressure tank and designed to increase steel grit fluidity.

  d.The upper part is connected with a pneumatic butterfly-style valve and a storage bin. The pneumatic valve is closed during the blasting operation and opened to input shots at the end of the blasting.

  e.The pipeline is equipped with a manual air on-off valve, oil-water separator, pressure regulator, pneumatic diaphragm valve, gas storage tank, riot device, exhaust muffler and sand valve etc.

  f.2 or more tungsten carbide blasting guns, with a 10-meter-long sandblasting hose connected to each gun.



  Abrasive Recovery System 

  The abrasive recovery system for blasting room consist of floor recovery, bucket elevator and separator.

  1.Floor recovery system

  Sandblast room recovery system use floor recovery system to reclaim the used blasting media and contaminants into the bucket elevator and then into the dust collector system, and then the cleaned abrasive get into the storage hopper to recycle, the residual will get our of the recycle system from the separator.

  2.Bucket elevator system

  a.The dismountable elevator is driven by 1 gear motor at the top of the elevator and built with steel plates by accurate soldering technique and It includes 2pcs high-quality wheel hubs, 1 elevator body, 1 high-performance and durable belt and several alloy buckets.

  b.The maximum transfer amount of the elevator is 120Ton/H. It collects and lifts the shots recycled by the screw conveyor onto the separator and storage cabinet.

  c.A window is designed on the elevator for easy maintenance and examination.

  3.Separator system

  a.The air-flow separator is used to separate good shots and broken shots and dust. It is built and soldered with steel plates and different chambers inside to lead the air flow and multi-level steel plates to adjust and balance the sliding shots flow amount.

  b.Shots & dust mixture is transported from the screw conveyor and go downward on a sliding steel board and get into the way of the air flow. Good shots are heavy and not driven to move by the air flow but broken shots are much lighter to be lead to the other slide board that connected with a broken shot collector/bucket. Dust directly flows in the air flow direction and is taken to the air outlet to be dealt with by the dust collector.

  Sweep/Shovel Chute Type

  Sweep/ shovel chute type is the most economical abrasive reclaim system, which is only appropriate for low production operations.This is the simplest reclaim system, but need to collect the abrasive and push the abrasive into the recycle system manually after blasting work.This blasting room recovery system just need a small pit for elevator, no need other foundation pit, no damage to the ground.

  Company profile

  MAYFLAY is one of leading supplier of surface treatment equipment in China. It has long been committed to the design and manufacture of shot blasting, shot peening, sandblasting and environmental protection equipment, providing intelligent surface treatment solutions and products to customers around the world.

  Since its establishment, the company has been actively focusing on the development and research of shot blasting equipment. The company has more than 20 design and R&D teams, 8 senior engineers. Mayflay has strong scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and establish a new model for joint development with well-known universities and benchmarking companies in the automobiles industry.

  At present, Mayflay has advanced processing equipment such as CNC bending, CNC cutting, CNC shearing, sawing machine, drilling machine, lathe, milling machine, shot blasting/blasting laboratory and measuring instrument., specializing in producing hook-type shot blasting machine, pass-through type shot blasting machine, robotic shot blasting machine, multi-station rotary shot blasting machine, manual/automatic sandblasting machine, sandblasting room, and wet dust collector. Products are widely used in the fields of casting, forging, heat treatment, etc., ship, aerospace, railway transportation, bridge industry, spring industry, thermal power generation, wind power, offshore oil drilling, automotive and other fields.

  Our company has always been based on the quality, variety, brand, “Take the market as the guidance, Take the technology as the core, Take quality as a guarantee,Take customer satisfaction as the mission” as enterprise policy, adhering to the construction of the first-class team, training first-class style, achieve first-class management, master first-class technology to create a first-class profitable business goal, and strive to make the company a leading company in the domestic metal surface treatment industry.

  Our company is well received by customers with perfect solutions, good product quality, performance, and after-sales. Over the years, Mayflay has vigorously expanded its overseas market while basing itself on the domestic market. In foreign trade, its products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, and other countries and regions.

  Mayflay will help our customer solve problems with the shot blasting machine. The company's in-house sales and customer support team has many years of experience helping customers to perform shot blasting fault repairs and ensuring that the necessary shot blasting machine accessories are quickly available. During the warranty period, the after-sales service will implement an “instant” response. The user will contact the after-sales service office of our company to ensure that the customer will be re-issued within one hour after receiving the notification from the user. If the sales and support personnel of Memphis cannot diagnose or solve the customer Regarding the problem, our company will dispatch the necessary personnel to arrive at the customer site to provide shot blasting machine inspection and service.


Precautions for Building a Sandblasting Room(图5)


Precautions for Building a Sandblasting Room(图6)


Precautions for Building a Sandblasting Room(图7)


Precautions for Building a Sandblasting Room(图8)


Precautions for Building a Sandblasting Room(图8)