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What are the common problems of the feeder recently?Uncoiler company

  High Speed Roll feeder

  Now more and more manufacturers are adopting mechanized transportation. This method will replace human labor. It has high accuracy, saves time and labor, and greatly reduces labor intensity, reduces labor costs and saves human resources. Really achieved low cost and high return. But now, customers will inevitably have various problems in the process of using the feeder. Let's take a look at the common problems in detail. How should we try to avoid them?

  1. The feeder cannot be started

  Reason: The power is not connected

  Countermeasure: Check whether the power supply is connected well

  Two, when the feeder is changing, the bar cannot enter the feeder

  Reason: The set back time is too short, and the push rod cannot fully retract to the end of the barrel

  Countermeasures: Long press the "Set" button, then press "Increase" to increase the back time, and then press the "Set" button twice to return to the working state

  Three, the reason for the great vibration when the feeder is working:

  1. The raw material is too bent

  2, the raw material is not chamfered

  3, the center position is misaligned


  1. Try to buy straight materials

  2, material tail chamfer

  3, re-proofing center

  Four, reasons for insufficient feeder pressure:

  1. Insufficient amount of hydraulic oil

  2. Is the motor working normally?

  3, the filter is clogged

  4, the sealing ring is damaged


  1. Replenish hydraulic oil

  2, check the line connection

  3. Replace the filter core

  4, replace the sealing ring

  5, the feeder does not give an alarm after feeding the material or the reason for the alarm in advance:

  1. Not enough pressure

  2, the position of the material pipe is wrong

  3. Is the motor working normally?

  Countermeasures: 1. Check the oil quantity 2. Move the material pipe slightly 3. Check the line