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What are the factors that affect the feeding accuracy of the stamping feeder?Coil Feeder sale

  What are the factors that affect the feeding accuracy of the stamping feeder?Coil Feeder sale(图1)

  As an automated production equipment, the stamping feeder is widely used by stamping customers due to its high precision, high stability, and multi-purpose use. It has gradually replaced air feeders and roller feeders as the industry's leading feeding equipment. Stamping feeder manufacturing itself is an industry that pays great attention to efficiency and precision. To achieve good precision, details are very important, and often a detail is not done well, which will cause various problems in the feeder. What are the factors that affect the feeding accuracy of the stamping feeder?

  1. Is the installation and debugging of the stamping feeder correct?

  The punching feeder can only be used when it is installed on the punching machine. When the installation is unqualified, the feeding accuracy will be affected during the feeding operation. If the installation is correct, but if the debugging method is not correct, the feeding accuracy will also be affected.

  2. The electrical parts of the stamping feeder are good or bad

  Everyone knows that the electrical part of the stamping feeder is mainly controlled by a servo motor and operated by PLC. Therefore, the accuracy is relatively high. When the accessories used by the manufacturer are of poor brands or imitations, the quality of the accessories itself is not good, and the accuracy is not high. How can it be used on the equipment to achieve high precision. This is why the price of each house is different.

  三, the mechanical part of the punch feeder

  The mechanical part of each stamping feeder is composed of many spare parts. Small screws can also cause the machine to malfunction. Any small link may cause big errors. In this machinery industry, more attention should be paid to the large-scale machinery and equipment. It is assembled from various parts, one by one, any damage to the parts will affect the operation of the whole machine.

  Therefore, each accessory has different materials and different materials, which will also affect the feeding accuracy. (For example, whether the gears are severely ground, whether the wheels are finely ground with wires multiple times, what is the thickness of the wallboard, and what materials are used, all affect the accuracy of the accessories). If the quality of equipment parts is not up to standard, the wearing parts need to be replaced frequently, causing work stoppage and affecting the economic benefits of users.