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What are the safety facilities that the punch feeder should have in actual application?

  What are the safety facilities that the punch feeder should have in actual application?Uncoiler supplier

  1. Transmission devices, pulleys, flywheels, levers and other transmission parts should be installed with protective covers, exposed on the fuselage and the top of the fuselage.

  2. During the single-stroke operation of the stamping equipment, no continuous punching stroke shall occur.

Coil Feeding Line (0.4-4.5mm)

  3. Three kinds of tests (protective grounding, insulation, and withstand voltage test) of the electrical system are tested regularly, and test reports are available.

  4. The door lock of the distribution box on the stamping equipment should have a key, and the power supply will be automatically cut off by opening the door.

  5. The upper half and both sides of the pedal should be protected, and the pedal should be non-slip.

  6. The power connection of the punch feeder should be standardized, and the cable of the equipment should not be damaged to prevent aging.

  7. The punch feeder must have safety protection measures to prevent hands from entering the enclosed area of the mold. The user should not sympathize with the type of stamping equipment, the shape of the workpiece, etc., and the safety measures for stamping operations, such as automatic entry and exit, Install safety protection devices, safety molds and use special receiving tools, etc.

  8. When selecting continuous stroke operation, pre-control action links should be set during the operation.

  9, there should be chain control between pedal operation and manual operation

  10, when switching between single, continuous, pedal punching and other operations, the switch with key lock should be used