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Mechnical Servo Feeder (0.1-1.6mm)
Mechnical Servo Feeder (0.1-1.6mm)
Mechnical Servo Feeder (0.1-1.6mm)
Mechnical Servo Feeder (0.1-1.6mm)
Mechnical Servo Feeder (0.1-1.6mm)
Mechnical Servo Feeder (0.1-1.6mm)
Mechnical Servo Feeder (0.1-1.6mm)
Mechnical Servo Feeder (0.1-1.6mm)
Mechnical Servo Feeder (0.1-1.6mm)
NCF is SERVO FEEDER with mechanical release.
It can feeds sheet metal coil material thickness 0.1-1.6mm, with max. feeding speed 30m/min. 
Thanks to Yaskawa servo system and Mitsubishi PLC, it can ensure +/-0.1mm feeding precision.
A mounting plate can help the servo feeder install to press machine easily, Or you can choose a separate bracket for better stability.
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Brief Profile

Servo feeder machine is one type smart and easy to operate feeder machine in the market. It's very popular all over the word, This kinds of feeder machine can feed metal strips width to 400mm, thickness up to 1.6mm and Max. Feeding speed reaches 30m/min. With a high concentric mechanical structure and precision parts, combined servo control system, can achieve precision feeding performance in 0.1mm.


Model No.: NCF

Applications: Pressing Line/Metal Stamping Line/Forming Line

Applicable Coil Width: 20mm-400mm

Applicable Coil Thickness: 0.1-1.6mm

Feeding pitch: 0-9999.99mm

Feeding Speed: 20m/min

Releasing Type: Pneumatic

PLC: Mitsubishi, Japan

Servo Motor and Driver: Mitsubishi, Japan/ Siemens, Germany 

Driver: Mitsubishi, Japan

Touch Screen: WEINVIEW, Taiwan/Mitsubishi, Japan

Function: Feeding The Coil Strips Into The Press Machine

Mechnical Servo Feeder (0.1-1.6mm)(图1)


Reliable Mechanical Design

Stabilized Steel frame construction make the quality of machine more reliable. High concentricity mechanical structure ensures better coil feeding performance,All rollers finished heat treated, hard chrome-plated, ground etc. After this craft, roller hardness comes HRC60-62°, Gear driven upper Roll with anti-backlash features to ensure non-slip, positive feeding.With shot blasting processing can be ensure the lifetime of machine and improve paint adhesion to keep the machine beautiful performace.

Longer service life & lower maintenance cost

All main components come from worldwide famous brands with CE CERTIFICATION, good quality and safety, it can prolong the service life and lower maintenance cost such as full sets of Japanese low voltage components, Japan Mitsubishi PLC, Japan Yaskawa servo motor, etc.

Advance and Smart control systems

Operating with Computerize Numerical Control by PLC program from internatioanl brand such as MITSUBISHI made in Japan, Siemens made in Germany and ABB made in Switzerland,  it can ensure +/-0.01mm high feeding precision.Directly input the 20 difference feeding length on the control display screen and then it can reach needed feeding length, the Max. Feeding length is 9999.99mm.

Accuracy and reliable feeding performance

High-precision drivers by utilizing the capabilities of high-resolution servo motors and servo drivewith low inertia, ensures a reliable coil feeding accuracy. With pneumatic release system and precision control, RNC achieves an accuracy feeding of +/- 0.1mm

Basic Parameter

Coil Width to
100 mm
200 mm
300 mm
400 mm 
Strip Thickness
0.1-1.6 mm
Mechanical Type Releasing System
Feed Roll
Upper Roll Ø65mm, Bottom Roll Ø80mm
Feed Length
Max. 9999.99 mm
Max. 20 m/min
± 0.1 mm
Servo Motor
Yaskawa, Japan
Servo Drive
Yaskawa, Japan
Mitsubishi, Japan
Touch Screen
Weinview, Taiwan
0.85 Kw


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