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What We Do Series---Sand Blasting Room Project

This is one of the sand blasting rooms we will install in our customer's workshop. 

And now we are introduce more information about it to you.

Sand blasting room has its other names as shot blasting room & sand hitting room. It is usually suitable for huge work piece in surface cleaning, de-rusting and enhancing the adhesive of painting layer. Sand blasting room has two types of shots recycling: automatic recycling system & semi-automatic recycling system. Operator does the blasting work in the blasting room, with protection suit and helmet to protect himself and fresh air from the ventilation device through the helmet.

Sand blasting room consists of light steel structure blasting room with protective rubber inside, sand blasting system, mechanical or manual shots recycling system, dedusting system and lighting system, and it is mainly designed for huge castings and steel structural work pieces' surface cleaning.

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1. High-efficiency sand recycling system

Automatic recycling system is recommended for high-efficiency abrasives usage and short time of shots recovery. Shots are gathered to the screw conveyor below the blasting room and pushed to the elevator automatically for recycle usage to save cost and time of shots transporting.

2. Compatible semi-automatic recycling system

When digging a deep pit below the blasting room is not allowed, the semi-automatic recycling system is recommended for the compatibility of recycling shots. Shots are collected manually and transported to the bottom of the elevator for recycling or a short screw conveyor can be equipped before the elevator and shots are manually loaded into the screw conveyor for transporting to the elevator for recycling.

3. High quality & durability

The blasting room is built with color-coated steel sandwich boards in a steady and sturdy light-steel structure. Hard-wearing rubber protective boards are attached onto the inside wall of the room in the purpose of protecting the room walls from being damaged by the sand blasting.

4. Customizable room configurations

Both blasting gun number and room size are customizable according to specific work piece parameters and production capacity.

5. More option of high automation

Mechanical arm is available to be equipped into the blasting system to realize automatic sand blasting and greatly reduce time of manual operation.

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Product Applications

Shot blasting room system is widely used in shipbuilding industry, military, engineering machinery, petrochemical machinery, hydraulic machinery, bridge structures and locomotives etc. It is particularly suitable for large metal structure surface blast cleaning and shot peening treatment before painting

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Main Part Description

1. Sandblasting room design

The blasting room is built with color-coated steel sandwich boards in a steady and sturdy light-steel structure. Hard-wearing rubber protective boards are attached onto the inside wall of the room in the purpose of protecting the room walls from being damaged by the sand blasting.

2. Pressure tank system

a.     The system is installed with 1-2 pcs peach-style pressure tank and designed to increase steel grit fluidity.

b.     The upper part is connected with a pneumatic butterfly-style valve and a storage bin. The pneumatic valve is closed during the blasting operation and opened to input shots at the end of the blasting.

c.      The pipeline is equipped with a manual air on-off valve, oil-water separator, pressure regulator, pneumatic diaphragm valve, gas storage tank, riot device, exhaust muffler and sand valve etc.

d.     2 or more tungsten carbide blasting guns, with a 10-meter-long sandblasting hose connected to each gun.

3. Screw conveyor system

Driven by the gear motor of the bucket elevator, one or more screw conveyors (if equipped), formed with screw axle, blades soldered on the screw axle and screw heads at both sides, are installed at the bottom of the sandblasting room to transport shots to the bottom of the bucket elevator and shots are lifted by the buckets to the upper part of the elevator and put into the shot separator.

4. Bucket elevator system

a.    The dismountable elevator is driven by 1 gear motor at the top of the elevator and built with steel plates by accurate soldering technique and It includes 2pcs high-quality wheel hubs, 1 elevator body, 1 high-performance and durable belt and several alloy buckets.

b.    The maximum transfer amount of the elevator is 120Ton/H. It collects and lifts the shots recycled by the screw conveyor onto the separator and storage cabinet.

c.     A window is designed on the elevator for easy maintenance and examination.

5. Separator system

a.    The air-flow separator is used to separate good shots and broken shots and dust. It is built and soldered with steel plates and different chambers inside to lead the air flow and multi-level steel plates to adjust and balance the sliding shots flow amount.

b.    Shots & dust mixture is transported from the screw conveyor and go downward on a sliding steel board and get into the way of the air flow. Good shots are heavy and not driven to move by the air flow but broken shots are much lighter to be lead to the other slide board that connected with a broken shot collector/bucket. Dust directly flows in the air flow direction and is taken to the air outlet to be dealt with by the dust collector.

6. Pressure Regulation Valve

It controls the fixed outlet pressure of the main valve so that the outlet pressure of the main valve won’t change with the pressure or the volume of inlet and outlet gas.

7. Dedusting System

a.    It includes cyclone separator and the cartridge filter. The cyclone separator separates most of heavy dust and the cartridge filter blocks and filters the escaped air & dust mixture.

b.    Electromagnetic pulse technology is applied in the cartridge filter to shock and separate the dust from the filter. Dust goes down to the collect storage cabinet due to its gravity. Silencer and secondary filter ensure that noise emission is lower than 85DB and dust emission is lower than 50mg/m³

c.    Wet dust collector, a high performance dedusting system with Venturi theory, especially for flammable and explosive media, automatically recycle dust.

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You are welcome to inquire about sand blast room at any time and we are here ready to serve.