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Coil Handling Equipment
Zigzag NC servo feeder
Zigzag NC servo feeder
Zigzag NC servo feeder
Zigzag NC servo feeder
Zigzag NC servo feeder
Zigzag NC servo feeder
Zigzag NC servo feeder
Zigzag NC servo feeder
Zigzag NC servo feeder
Zigzag NC servo feeder
Zigzag NC servo feeder

Zigzag NC servo Feeder is designed to for circle blanking line, with high efficient processing and save material utilization function.It can be suitable for all kinds of circle, round cover and washer stamping.

Zigzag NC servo feeder production line is suitable for motor blanking, motor compressor shell, aluminum wafer, kitchen appliances, lighting products, auto parts, stainless steel products and other industries.

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Brief Profile

Zig-Zag Servo Feeder offer dramatic productivity advantages in stagger feeding. Stagger feeding parts in a Zig-Zag Press Feed System can boost productivity and provide up to 22 % material savings. Zig-Zag Servo Feed controls are operator friendly and automatically calculate and set up all machine parameters quickly and accurately. Servomax Zig-Zag Servo Feeds provide fast, easy set-up in a single or dual axis format. The control automatically calculates the optimum movement in each axis and the feed can simultaneously or sequentially deliver the material in X-Y movement. 2 or 3 out pattern capability is standard with up to 6 out pattern optional.


Zigzag Servo feeder machine is driven by an AC Servomotor through a precision gear train while the lateral travel of the feed and material is powered by a combination AC Servomotor and linear ball screw. The ServoMatic and ServoMax Servo Press Feeds can be press mounted or Cabinet mounted. The SMX H and H6 Servo Roll Feeds are cabinet mounted.


This zigzag Nc Servo feeder production line with high Efficiency, saving material utilization rate of washer drawing function, can be a variety of coil material by uncoiling, straightening, punching, shift around circular plate is the efficient processing of different specifications of pipeline materials under the sheet metal processing wafer. We also cam add the auto stack device, can be collected the circle into wafer stacking.


This zigzag NC servo feeder production line is suitable for lamps, ceiling lamps, eletric cooker, pot, tea class punching, stainless steel tableware, water pump, water heater , bearing retainer, fire extinguisher, filter and accumulator, motor stator, rotor, motor shell electronic, the refrigerator compressor, air conditioner compressor casing , auto clutch, car pulley, automobile wheel Hub, brake disc stamping.

Zigzag NC servo feeder(图1)

Basic Parameter

Coil Width
200 mm
300 mm
400 mm
500 mm
600 mm
800 mm
Strip Thickness
0.2-2.0 mm
Pneumatic Type Releasing System
Roll Pressure
Spring Type
Feed Roll
Upper Roll 1pc, Bottom Roll 1pc
Feed Length
Max. 9999.99 mm
Feeding Speed Max. 20 m/min, Zigzag Movement Speed Max. 30 m/min
Left Center Displacement
100 mm
150 mm
200 mm
250 mm
300 mm
400 mm
± 0.1 mm
Servo Motor
Yaskawa, Japan
Servo Drive
Yaskawa, Japan
Mitsubishi, Japan


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