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Stepping Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine
Stepping Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine
Stepping Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine
Stepping Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine
Stepping Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine
Stepping Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine
Stepping Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine
Stepping Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine
Stepping Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine
Stepping Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine
Stepping Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine

Stepping hanging chain shot blasting machines are used in many applications, such as de-scaling, de-sanding of forgings, castings, stamping parts and heat-treated parts, rust removal, sand removal of iron, steel and light metal castings, and also surface cleaning of liquefied gas tanks. It is especially suitable for work pieces of moderate size & weight in small range of diversity but large quantity, such as automobile & motorbike wheel hubs, gears, car frame, side frame of railway bolster etc.

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Brief Profile

Stepping hanging chain shot blasting machines are specially designed for medium and small work piece, and large work pieces surface cleaning at high work piece throughput. It has double working stations or triple working stations in the blasting chamber. Work pieces can be loaded on the cross bars of a manual spinner hanger transport system before moving into the blasting chamber. The other spinner hangers are being loaded when one hanger of work pieces is in the process of blasting in the chamber. Flexible way and continuous blasting is time & cost effective.

The single-strand closed-loop transport system can be customized according to the working site parameters with the optimum positions for loading and unloading places and have effective utilization of the workshop in the purpose of convenience and high efficiency for work.This is the best solution to have joint work of transporting and blasting and to be integrated with painting/oil injection line perfectly.

Tumble Rubber Belt Shot Blasting Machine

Tumble Rubber Belt Shot Blasting Machine


Compact design & all-around capability

Giant but ultimately compact design for easy operation and wide range of options of models to adapt to diversified production efficiency and sizes of work pieces. It usually has 3-6 blast wheels and even more to meet different requirements of surface cleaning and strengthening. The raw work pieces can either be loaded as a large single component for processing or hung on specific hanger.

Cost-saving & integration with production line

Single-strand closed-loop transport system and constant & continuous blasting process with high efficiency, saving abrasives with reliable performance of cleaning & dedusting and low costs make this machine one of the best solutions to have joint work of transporting and blasting.

Modularized design enables the possibility of integrating into existing production line and joint work with painting line to realize fully automatic production.

Perfect sealing

A unique special multi-layer sealing system is developed to prevent accidents of shot spillage and reduce the noise level around the machine. It combines with brush seals and rubber segments to make the machine sealing effect excellently when the hooks and cross bar are adapted to the sealing system.

Reliable quality & long lifespan

Shot blasting chamber is completely engineered of steel plates with thickness between 6 and

10 mm. The blast chamber is welded in one piece, making the machines extremely tight and sturdy. For optimum wear protection, the area exposed to the blast stream is lined with replaceable protective manganese steel plates. These overlapping liners are not bolted on but hung with a special system.

Flexible way & high-end blast wheel

Work piece static loading and unloading, automatic & fast transport, multiple work stations with fixed and rotating blasting.

Mayflay high-performance casting blasting wheel or fully CNC machined blasting wheel. Each of the blasting wheel can provide accurate and effective blasting result for different work pieces with extremely long lifespan and easy maintenance

Programmable Logic Controller

All process parameters of work pieces blasting can be configured and saved in PLC control unit, in the result that repeat input, repeat pushing different buttons are completely unnecessary. This means, much shorter time of parameter configuration, much less working hours of operator and high efficiency. 

Smart communication with built-in 3D guiding technology UI and 7 Inch colorful touch screen for safe operation, easy maintenance.

Environment protection

Great importance is attached by Mayflay to environment protection: noise and dust emission. We adopt high-end methods to reduce noise to 85DB and dust emission concentration to less than 50mg/m3 (these results can be even better with higher standard of configurations).

Main System

Blasting chamber system

a.6mm-10mm thickness steel plates well welded in one piece and a line of thick Mn 13 steel protective boards at exposed area to the blasting shots stream guarantee excellent wear resistance of the blasting machine. These protective boards are not bolted on but hung with a special way and easy to assemble and replace. 3-6 blast wheels are installed at both sides of the chamber to guarantee that the work pieces can be cleaned thoroughly. 

b.Both sides of the blasting chamber are equipped with doors.

c.A unique special multi-layer sealing system is developed and installed. It combines with brush seals and rubber segments to make the machine sealing effect excellently when the hooks and cross bar are adapted to the sealing system and it prevents accidents of shot spillage. 

Screw conveyor system

a.2 or more screw conveyor systems are installed at the bottom of the blasting chamber and driven by the gear motor of the bucket elevator. During working, the screw conveyor transits the shots to the bottom of the bucket elevator and the shots are lifted by the buckets to the upper part of the elevator and put into the shot separator. 

b.1 or more screw conveyor system is installed at the top side of the bucket elevator to both push shots to the shots separator and separating partial dust and small broken shots through the roller filter.

Bucket elevator system

a.The dismountable elevator is is driven by 1 gear motor at the top of the elevator and built with steel plates by accurate soldering technique and It includes 2pcs high-quality wheel hubs, 1 elevator body, 1 high-performance and durable belt and several alloy buckets. 

b.It collects and lifts the shots recycled by the screw conveyor onto the separator and storage cabinet. 

c.An access port is designed on the elevator for easy maintenance and examination.

Separator system

a.The air-flow separator is used to separate good shots and broken shots and dust. It is built and soldered with steel plates and different chambers are designed inside to lead the air flow and multi-level steel plates are installed to adjust and balance the sliding shots flow amount. 

b.The air comes in from the inlet. The shots & dust mixture is transported from the screw conveyor and go downward on a sliding steel board and get into the way of the air flow. Good

shots are heavy and not driven to move by the air flow but broken shots are much lighter to be lead to the other slide board that connected with a broken shot collector/bucket. Dust directly flows in the air flow direction and is taken to the air outlet to be dealt with by the dust collector.

c.Magnetic separator is available for powerful sand separating of sand-casted parts.

Semi-automatic flow valve

a.Fully sealed semi-automatic flow valves are designed and equipped with lockable examination window and 2 bearing to control the flow amount of the shots into the blast wheels 

b.At the upper part of each flow valve, a manual stop valve is installed to stop the shots flow under the circumstance of examination or maintenance.

Casting & CNC machined blast wheel system

a.Mayflay specially-designed casting & CNC machined blast wheels, combination of our own industrial advantages and features, ensure excellent performance of dynamic balance and perfect shots output efficiency and great convenience for maintenance. It is combined with a highly hard-wearing impeller, 8pcs extremely hard and durable plug-pull type blades, a control cage and a shot distributor to control the blasting direction and pre-accelerate. 

b.Mayflay P series power system is used in this blast wheel: specially-designed and manufactured ABB motor, die steel CNC machined + low-pressure & vacuum heat treatment vulnerable parts inside. These special vulnerable parts have 58-62HRC surface hardness that is extremely durable and has super long lifespan. The most outstanding feature is the no-load current is only 6 Amps.

c.Variable frequency speed control technology to control and adjust the power of the blasting.

Dust Collector System

a.It includes cyclone separator and the cartridge filter. The cyclone separator separates most of heavy dust and the cartridge filter blocks and filters the escaped air & dust mixture. 

b.Electromagnetic pulse technology is applied in the cartridge filter to shock and separate the dust from the filter. Dust goes down to the collect storage cabinet due to its gravity. Silencer and secondary filter ensure that noise emission is lower than 85DB and dust emission is lower than 50mg/m³

c.Wet dust collector is optional, a high performance dedusting system with Venturi theory, especially for flammable and explosive media, automatically recycle dust.

Basic Parameter

Machine Model
Max. diameter of workpices batch (mm)
ø 1200
ø 1300
ø 2000
ø 2000
Max. height of workpice (mm)
Number of blast wheels
Wheel motor power (kW)
15 (11)
15 (11)
15 (11)
15 (11)
Max. loading weight (kg)
Can be customized accoridng to customer's requirements


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