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Wire mesh shot blasting machine
Wire mesh shot blasting machine
Wire mesh shot blasting machine
Wire mesh shot blasting machine
Wire mesh shot blasting machine
Wire mesh shot blasting machine
Wire mesh shot blasting machine
Wire mesh shot blasting machine
Wire mesh shot blasting machine

Wire mesh belt shot blasting machine is mostly used to process medium to large die casting, pressure castings, forgings, heat-treated parts, automotive components, ferrous and non-ferrous castings, welded constructions, and fabrications. Parts can weight from 1 kg to 100 kg or more and are manufactured in medium and large series

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Wire mesh belt shot blasting machines are specially designed for constant and continuous blasting of de-scaling, de-sanding, cleaning and pre-treatment for different type of medium & small work pieces with great processing capacity. It is especially suitable for work pieces in wide and flat shape. No crush among work pieces during blasting, great blasting capacity, high efficiency, guaranteed sealing system, compact design and easy loading and unloading, all these features make our wire 

mesh belt shot blasting machine an ideal option for many fields, such as automotive parts, forgings, castings, ship parts manufacturing, aerospace industry, aluminum alloy parts and machinery industry etc.

Wire mesh belt works as the carrier of work pieces in the wire mesh belt shot blasting machine and is available in two types: steel wire mesh belt & wear-resisting rubber wire mesh belt. 


Foundry Castings


Die Casting

Heat Treated Parts



Automotive Parts


Sand castings

Aluminum Alloy Castings

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Reliable Raw material

The wire mesh belt, made of Mn 13 steel materials, is highly durable and wear-resisting and driven steadily and stably by the chain and chain wheel. The wire mesh belt transport system ensures efficient shot blasting on parts/components, including sand and die castings, profiled and flame cut and car body parts as well as machined work pieces, which may be too small for a roller conveyor shot blasting machine. Work pieces can be placed on the wire mesh side by side for constant & continuous blasting process to reach high efficiency, save abrasives and have with reliable performance of cleaning & dedusting.

Blasting machine body: 6-10mm thickness Manganese 13 steel plates well-welded in one piece and Manganese 13 steel protective boards, offering excellent wear resistance and protection from even the most aggressive blast media

Smart designs

The position of the high-performance blasting wheels, ideally set at a vertical as well as at a horizontal angle on the blasting chamber, ensures that complicated surface areas of work pieces are fully reached by the blasting shots. 

Ultimately compact design for easy operation and wide range of options of models to adapt to diversified production efficiencies and sizes of work pieces.

All-around shot blasting machine

Mayflay wire mesh belt blasting machines are the best solutions for all-around continuous blast cleaning of flat, wide and complex shaped work pieces. This high flexible machine guarantees a high operational efficiency for a wide range of shot blasting applications, especially for deburring, blast cleaning, surface roughening, de-scaling and de-rusting.

High-end technology applied

In front of the blasting chamber inlet, optical grating detecting device is installed to transmits time-lapse signal to the PLC as soon as the work piece goes into the blasting chamber to start the blasting process.

Mayflay technique of sealing system

Blasting sealing: rubber segments are equipped at the roller conveyor inlet & outlet and the blasting chamber to make the machine sealing effect excellently and prevent accidents of shot spillage.

All-in-one control & operation center

PLC control, all process parameters of work pieces blasting can be configured and saved in PLC control unit, in the result that repeat input, repeat pushing different buttons are completely unnecessary. This means, much shorter time of parameter configuration, much less working hours of operator and high efficiency. 

Smart communication with built-in 3D guiding technology UI and 7 Inch colorful touch screen for safe operation, easy maintenance.

Care about environment

Great importance is attached by Mayflay to environment protection: noise and dust emission. We adopt high-end methods to reduce noise to 85DB and dust emission concentration to less than 50mg/m3 (these results can be even better with higher standard of configurations).

Main Parts

Blast wheel system

a.Thanks to German technology, Mayflay casting and fully CNC machined blast wheels are designed and manufactured with highly hard-wearing materials and steel plates for easy replacement and maintenance.

b.Designed and manufactured in combination of our own industrial advantages and features to have excellent performance of dynamic balance and perfect shots output efficiency.

c.Highly hard-wearing materials and steel plates are installed inside for easy replacement and maintenance, working with variable-frequency speed control technology to control and adjust the power of the blasting.

d.Mayflay P series power system (available), specially-designed and manufactured ABB motor, die steel CNC machined + low-pressure & vacuum heat treatment vulnerable parts inside. These special vulnerable parts have 58-62HRC surface hardness that is extremely durable and has super long lifespan.

Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

Blasting chamber system

a.6mm-10mm thickness Manganese 13 steel plates, accurately welded in one piece, and a line of 10mm Manganese 13 steel protective boards, installed at the area exposed to blasting shots stream, guarantee excellent wear resistance of the blasting chamber.

b.4-8 blast wheels, equipped vertically and horizontally at both sides of the chamber, guarantees thorough cleaning of every work piece. 

Multi-layer rubber sealing technique is used at the inlet chamber and outlet chamber to protect the side steel plates. Rubber segments sealing method make the machine sealing effect excellently and prevents accidents of shot spillage.

Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

Screw conveyor system

a.2 or more screw conveyor systems are installed at the bottom of the blasting chamber. It includes screw axle, blades and screw heads at both sides and is driven by the gear motor of the bucket elevator.

b.During working, the screw conveyor transits the shots to the bottom of the bucket elevator and the shots are lifted by the buckets to the upper part of the elevator and put into the shot separator. 

1 screw conveyor system is installed at the top side of the bucket elevator to both push shots to the shots separator and separating partial dust and small broken shots through the rolling mesh sieve.

Semi-automatic flow valve

a.Semi-automatic flow valves, fully sealed with lockable examination window, are equipped to control the flow amount of shots into the blast wheels.

On the top of each flow valve, in case steel shots flow from the storage silo, a manual stop valve can be switched off under the circumstance of examination, repairing and maintenance.

Bucket elevator system

a.The elevator system is built with steel plates by accurate soldering technique and driven by 1 gear motor at the top. 

b.It includes, 2pcs high-quality wheel hubs, 1 elevator body, 1 high-performance and durable belt and several alloy buckets, providing the maximum transporting amount 1500kg/Min. It collects and lifts those shots that are recycled by the screw conveyor, onto the separator and storage cabinet. 

A window is designed on the elevator for easy maintenance and examination.

Separator system

a.Air-flow separator is used to separate good shots and broken shots and dust. It is built and soldered with steel plates and different chambers are designed inside to lead the air flow.

b.Mixture of shots & dust is transported from the screw conveyor (if equipped) and goes downward on a sliding steel board and get into the way of the air flow. Good shots are heavy and not driven to move by the air flow but broken shots are much lighter to be lead to the other slide board to be connected with collector/bucket. Dust directly sucked and taken to the air outlet to the dust collector.

c.Multi-level steel plates are installed to adjust and balance the sliding shots flow amount. Good shots are collected by the shots storage cabinet for recycling usage.

Dedusting System: cartridge filter with secondary filter system

a.This system includes cyclone separator and the cartridge filter. the cyclone separator separates and collects most of heavy dust and the cartridge filter blocks and filters the escaped air & dust mixture. 

b.Electromagnetic pulse technology is applied in the cartridge filter to shock and separate the dust from the filter. Dust goes down to the collect storage cabinet due to its gravity. 

c.The silencer and secondary filter realize our environment-friendly principle and ensure that noise emission is lower than 85DB and dust emission is lower than 50mg/m³

d.The built-in filter needs regular cleaning and replacement to prevent the spillage of dust from inside because of the blocked and malfunctioned filter.

Wet dust collector is available. High performance dedusting system, with Venturi theory, is a great dust separator especially for flammable and explosive media. Wet dust is automatically recycled and the electromagnetic water valve automatically open to provide new water when the water level in the water box is low.

Wire mesh belt conveyor system

a.The wire mesh belt, made of Mn 13 steel materials, is highly durable and wear-resisting and driven steadily and stably by the chain and chain wheel.

Stepless speed regulation system is used for the whole transporting system for the work pieces to have stable and reliable operation and optimized blasting result on work piece, including sand and die castings, profiled and flame cut and car body parts as well as machined work pieces, which may be too small for a roller conveyor shot blasting machine.


Basic Parameter

Machine Model
Max. workpiece dimensions ø x b (mm)
Number of blast wheels
Wheel motor power (kW)
Pass speed (m/min)
Exhausted air quantity (m3/h)
Foundations (mm)
Can be customized accroding to customer's requirements


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