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Advantages of Sandblasting Room Process

  The sandblasting room has developed rapidly in recent years. Large-scale projects all use spraying aluminum, zinc and their alloy methods for corrosion protection,such as television towers, bridges, highway facilities, water gates, microwave towers, high-voltage power transmission towers, underground cable supports, navigation mark buoys, shaft shafts, etc.,

Advantages of Sandblasting Room Process(图1)

  The sandblasting room process is the process of blasting the steel surface and applying protective primer before processing. The pretreatment of steel can improve the corrosion resistance of mechanical products and metal components, improve the fatigue resistance of steel plates and extend the service life of steel plates.

  At the same time, it also can optimize the steel surface process manufacturing state, which is beneficial to the cutting and fine blanking of the CNC cutting machine.

  In addition, because the shape of the steel before processing is regular, it is conducive to mechanical rust removal and automatic painting. The pretreatment of steel can improve the efficiency of cleaning work greatly,reduce the labor intensity and environmental pollution of cleaning work.

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