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  • Spinner hanger shot blasting machine

    Spinner hanger shot blasting machine is typically designed to handle mixed loads of medium and large components, which often

  • Tumble Belt Shot blasting machine

    Tumble belt shot blasting machine can handle work piece at weight from 1KG to 500KG with different models and the maximum wei

  • Continuous Hanging Type Shot Blasting Machine

    Continuous Hanging Type Shot Blasting Machine is ideal for heavy and complex shaped workpieces like: casts, welded constructi

  • Stepping Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine

    Stepping hanging chain shot blasting machines are used in many applications, such as de-scaling, de-sanding of forgings, cast

  • Roller Conveyor shot blasting machine

    Roller conveyor shot blasting machine is built to clean steel plates and profiles. They are mostly used for descaling, derust

  • Wire mesh shot blasting machine

    Wire mesh belt shot blasting machine is mostly used to process medium to large die casting, pressure castings, forgings, heat

  • Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machine

    Mayflay manufactures single-turntable and double-turntable version rotary table shot blasting machine, which both work with t

  • Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

    Pipe shot blasting machines are highly flexible systems that can be applied in many applications such as de-scaling, de-sandi