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  • Continuous Hanging Type Shot Blasting Machine

    Continuous Hanging Type Shot Blasting Machine is ideal for heavy and complex shaped workpieces like: casts, welded constructions, forged and pressed parts and so on. This type of shot blasting machines are mostly used for continuous blast cleaning, desanding and decoring in die cast industry as well for descaling, derusting and reconditioning in metalworking industry.

  • Stepping Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine

    Stepping hanging chain shot blasting machines are used in many applications, such as de-scaling, de-sanding of forgings, castings, stamping parts and heat-treated parts, rust removal, sand removal of iron, steel and light metal castings, and also surface cleaning of liquefied gas tanks. It is especially suitable for work pieces of moderate size & weight in small range of diversity but large quantity, such as automobile & motorbike wheel hubs, gears, car frame, side frame of railway bolster etc.

  • Catenary Pass Shot Blasting Machine

  • Catenary Through Shot Blasting Machine

  • Catenary Pass Shot Blasting Machine For Outdoor Furniture